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Equipment for
all conditions!

At MELTEMI-POWER you can choose your equipment freely from an extensive range of boards and sails, according to the weather conditions, your skills or individual preference. We have the right stuff for everyone. Our optional equipment insurance will safe you from costs in case of unplanned damage to the equipment. We also offer wetsuits and harnesses in case you need them.

Boards 2016

Our boards are by JP and Roberto Ricci Designs (RRD). Of course, you can move the footstraps. We always take care of a good non-skid finish. In case you have further wishes, just ask the MELTEMI-POWER staff. If you want to practise new moves or if you are a beginner, we have enough Easy Riders for everyone.

Homepage: www.robertoriccidesigns.com


Sails 2016

Our sails are by Ezzy Sails. They cover a fairly wide range of conditions so that you can stay on the water, even with changing conditions. Our sails are always well trimmed; booms and harness lines are of excellent quality. Mast and boom protectors protect the board in case of unplanned impact. For our youngest surfers we have superlight kid’s rigs available.

Homepage: www.ezzy.com