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Learn how to wind surf

You have the possibility to book individual courses, starting with a trial lesson for curious beginners, up to the power jibe training for advanced learners. Good to know: all course participants are insured against equipment damage at the station. Needless to say, the equipment is included in the course.

Trial Lesson

Would you just like to try if you like wind surfing? Then take a trial lesson! 
1 hour*, group price 40,– € per person
Each additional hour* 45,– € per person

Private Lesson

We adapt the lesson to you and your skills. That way we can guarantee quick and efficient learning. 1 hour*

55,– € 


8 hours*  
group price
4 persons max.

200,– € 
per person


5 hours*  
group price
4 persons max.

160,– € 
per person

2 hours*  
power jibe, waterstart, jibe
1 person

100,– €
 per person

* Gear inclusive. Possible damages of gear during training unit are covered by assurance of the station.